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Brass Round Rod

Brass Round Rod/Cadmium-less Brass Round Rod

Our brass round rods provide particularly excellent accuracy on the dimension finished by either cold drawing or turning, especially we have confidence in large diameter rods.
There are also Cadminon CN series - cadmium-less brass round rods corresponding to "RoHS Directive" in 2006. This series has 4 types of material; free-cutting brass round rod, forging brass round rod, naval brass round rod and high strength brass round rod, and 2 types of cadmium content; 75ppm or 100ppm or less.

Brass Round Rod


・Free-cutting Brass Round Rods
Applicable JIS H3250 C3604BD・BF-F※
Excellent workability. Applied for connectors, flanges, machine parts, and others. Brass round rods manufactured to pressure-resistant, cutting, and other applications are available.

・Forging Brass Round Rods
Applicable JIS H3250 C3712BD・BF-F※
Outstanding hot forgeability renders forging brass round rods suitable for precision forging. Used for machine parts.
JIS H3250 C3771BD・BF-F※
Material with superb hot forgeability and workability. Used for valves, machine parts, and others.

・Naval Brass Round Rods
Applicable JIS H3250 C4622BF-F※
Applicable JIS H3250 C4641BF-F※
Material with excellent corrosion resistance, particulary, seawater resistance. Used for marine parts, shafts, etc.

・High-tension Brass Round Rods
Applicable JIS H3250 C6782BF-F※
Material with high strength and with good hot forgeability and corrosion resistance. Used for marine propeller shafts, pump shafts, etc.

Example of Use

Stepper-Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Stepper   (inside)

Cadmium-less Brass Round Rod

Since June in 2005, we have started the manufacturing and sales of Cadminon CN series - brass rods that clear the "RoHS Directive". For this series, eight types of brass rods are available in total now - two types of cadmium content (100ppm or less and 75ppm or less) for four respective existing products.

With a wide variety of sizes ranging from 50f to 450f or more, we provide free-cutting, forging, naval, and high strength brass rods corresponding to conventional products.

What is "RoHS Directive"?

Since July 1, 2006, EU (European Union) has introduced the "RoHS Directive" (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) that prohibits the sales of materials used for electric and electronic devices within the EU area unless cadmium content is restricted to 0.01% (100ppm) or less and lead, mercury, and hexavalent chromium to 0.1% (1000ppm) or less.
※For brass rods, lead content shall be restricted to 4% (40,000ppm) or less for a while as a special case.


・Cadminon CN series Free-cutting Brass Bar
CN34-100 Cd content : 100ppm or less
CN34-75 Cd content :
Excellent in machinability. Used in screws, gears, valves, and camera parts. Can be manufacured according to usages such as for pressure-resistance and machining.

・Cadminon CN series Forging Brass Bar
CN37-100 Cd content : 100ppm or less
Excellent in hot forgeability and suitable for precision forging. Used in machine parts.
CN37-75 Cd content : 75ppm or less
Excellent in hot forgeability and machinability. Used in valves and machine parts.

・Cadminon CN series Naval Brass Bar
CN40-100 Cd content : 100ppm or less
CN40-75 Cd content : 75ppm or less
Excellent in anticorrosion and especially in sea water resistance. Used in ship parts and shafts.

・Cadminon CN series High Strength Brass Bar
CN60-100 Cd content : 100ppm or less
CN60-75 Cd content : 75ppm or less
High strength and excellent in hot forgeability and corrosion resistance. Used in ship propeller shafts and pump shafts.
Our Cadminon CN series are manufactured through (hot rolling+cold drawing) and (hot forging+lathe turning). Especially excellent in dimensional accuracy and surface condition. We have absolute confidence in manufacturing large diameter rods.

Quality Control

1.Control of raw material component
For limiting cadmium content less than 100 ppm in brass rods specified in the RoHS Directive, cadmium content in raw materials such as chip, copper scrap, zinc and so on must be restricted.
Gonda Metal performs the analysis before the mass production of cadmium-less brass rod; taking a small quantity out of the molten metal of combined raw materials and making a sample, then polishing its surface and analyzing a multi-element including cadmium with X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Based on this analysis results, the cast billet which does not conform to the RoHS Directive is excluded from the mass production of cadmium-less brass rod.
2.Control in production line
The cast billet which satisfies the judging standard for the cadmium-less brass rod named “Cadminon” in Gonda Metal is marked by purple paint on its end faces to distinguish the cast billet of cadmium-less brass rod from the other cast billets of brass rod. The Work in Process (WIP) of “Cadminon” is always marked by purple paint after the completion of every operation at each manufacturing processes to identify which WIP is “Cadminon”. This procedure continues to the end of the production.
3.Reanalysis of the cadmium content in final product
The cadmium content in the final product of “Cadminon” is reanalyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometers in more details before shipment. The sample must be picked up from the final product in each production number or each charge number.
Analysis of the cadmium content is carried out twice at Gonda Metal.
4.Analysis methods of the cadmium content
X-ray fluorescence analysis: For X-ray fluorescence analysis, the sample material is irradiated with X-rays, which excite secondary X-ray fluorescence. The secondary X-ray fluorescence is detected and splitted to perform elemental analysis.
Atomic absorption analysis: Atomic absorption analysis is a method in which the liquid sample is atomized in a flame. The flame is, then, rayed by a light source to measure the absorption of light unique to respective metal with a detector through a spectrometer.
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