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Profile and History

Company Profile

Company name
Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Head Office and Factory
1-1-16, Miyashimo, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
252-0212 Japan
+81-42-700-0220 / +81-42-700-0660
Gonda, Gentaro   President
JPN\60 million
Business outline
Manufacturing and sales of copper busbar, copper/brass round      rod, copper anode for plating, die forgings, copper coil materials, high purity non-oxygen copper, special alloy rotor bar, copper/     aluminum/stainless steel rings/plates, magnesium alloy sheet       AZ61, Real estate leasing
Number of employees
Main customers
Pan Pacific Copper Co., Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toshiba  Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Nikon Corporation,   Hakudo Corporation, Sato Metal Trading Co., Ltd. and 200 other   users, and wrought copper and copper alloy wholesalers
Group business
Gonda Un・yu Co., Ltd.:Transportation of company products and
 management of the golf driving range "Ball Park"
Sagami Metal Co., Ltd.:Wholesaler of raw materials for company   use
Yokohama Shindo Co., Ltd.:Sales of wrought copper, copper
 alloy  products, alminum products and etc.

Company History

1918 October
Established under its original name Gonda Shindosho by Gonda, Tozaburo, the first President in Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Start of manufacture for Brass Round Rod
1944 November
Reorganized into Gonda Shindosho Co., Ltd.
1947 January
Renamed to Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
1950 September
Inauguration of the second President, Gonda, Tadashi
Start of Copper Melting
1960 January
Moved melting and hot rolling plants to the present premises in Sagamihara
1963 May
Moved the headoffice and product plant in Sagamihara, to form a new headoffice and factory.
Headoffice and factory:1-1-16, Miyashimo, Chuo-ku,
Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 229-1112 Japan
(Site area:approx.33,000 square meters)
(Built a building for rent in the former premises in Nishi-ku,      Yokohama. The present tennant is The Daiei, Inc.)
1982 Sptember
Built a forging and pressing plants for the enlargement of the    company business
1983 November
Inauguration of the third President, Gonda, Gentaro(present     President)
1987 March
Built a new rolling plant for the modernization of the former      plant, installed a computer controlled rolling machine
Start of mass production for Aluminum Ring
1991 April
Obtained JIS indication permission for copper busbar, copper     round rod and free-cutting brass round rod
Permission Number 391007
1997 Aplil
Opened "Ball Park", a golf driving range, in the adjacent space
1999 August
Obtained ISO 9002 certification, registration Number 0467
Start of mass production for Stainless Rings
2002 August
The cetification was transferred/renewed to ISO9001(2000).
(Design, development and manufacturing of wrought copper & copper alloy and aluminum products)
Start of mass production for Rotor Bar
2003 December
2007 March
Built a plant for mass-producing magnesium alloy sheets
2008 January
Obtained NEW JIS certification following a revision of JIS
Certificate number QA0307044
2008 June
Selected as one of “300 of Japan’s Dynamic MONODZUKURI      (Manufacturing) Small and Medium Enterprises”
In June, 2008, Gonda Metal was selected as one of "300 of       Japan's Dynamic MONODZUKURI(Manufacturing) Small and     Medium Enterprises" by the Small and Medium Enterprise         Agency of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and was     commended by the minister of METI as a result of the high       evaluation on the manufacturing of the precise copper ring(over 60% of the domestic share) used for an industrial motor and     the development of mass production for the thin sheet of         magnesium alloy AZ61.
2011 January
Purchased the adjacent land of approx. 4950 ㎡ including build-
ings and named as a Second Factory
2013 June
Transferred the Administration Department and the Sales De-
partment to the office building in the Second Factory
2018 October
Celebrated its 100th anniversary!
2019 May
Received  "Japan Copper Development Association Award"
by contributing to promote the copper demand by
manufacturing and selling Motor End Rings
Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
1-1-16, Miyashimo, Chuo-ku,
Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0212 Japan
TEL. +81-42-700-0220
FAX. +81-42-700-0660
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