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Copper Busbar

Copper Busbar

Copper Busbar
Our copper busbars, tough pitch copper and oxygen-free copper busbar, the hot rolled material or hot extrusions are finished by cold-rolling or cold-drawing. 


・Tough pitch copper busbar(CuBB)
Excellent electric and thermal conductivity and outstanding ductility, corrosion resistance, and weatherability. Bus bars, switch bars,electric parts, etc.
(Applicable JIS No.H3140 C1100BB)
・Oxygen-free copper busbar(OFCuBB)
Superb electric and thermal conductivity and ductility, as well as excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, and weatherability. Has no fear of causing hydrogen embrittlement. Bus bars, switch bars, electric parts, etc.
(Applicable JIS No.H3140 C1020BB)

Range of sizes

The standard length is 5m.Other sizes and lengths are produced to order.

Example of Use

Substation Facilities
Substation Facilities
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