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Prototype Development                                  on Magnesium Products

Prototype Development on Magnesium Products

Gonda Metal owns various experimental equipment for magnesium products and we can perform melting, casting and rolling. Not only the common magnesium alloys, but we can produce various magnesium alloys such as flame resistance magnesium alloy. So we can help you to develop new magnesium alloy. On the other hand, we can cope with a trial manufacture for forging and press (negotiable for dies for press).
Please ask us for a trial manufacture of various magnesium products. Negotiable for any shape, volume, material and etc.

Adaptable Shape (Ask for dimensions)

1. as-cast round rod
     φ25㎜~70㎜ (15 kg as per one cast)
2. Sheet
    Width: up to 300 mm/Length: up to 500 mm
    Thickness: up to 20 mm (as-cast sheet)
    Thickness: up to 10 mm (grinded/rolled sheet)
3. We can meet with your request for forging, press works and etc. Please ask.

Examples of trial manufacture

As-cast round rods
As-cast thick sheet (plate)
Forging work
Cutting works
(Left side: from as-cast round rod)
(Right side: from die-forging)

Contact: Sales Division

TEL:+86-42-700-0221   FAX:+86-42-700-0660
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