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Process & Equipment

Processes of Product Completion

1. Busbar

Our copper busbars are finished by cold-rolling or cold-drawing the hot-rolled material or hot extrusions.

Copper Round Rod (φ110≧) & Brass Round Rod (φ110≧)

Our copper round rods are finished by cold drawing after hot rolling.

3.Copper Round Rod (φ115≦) & Brass Round Rod (φ115≦)

Our copper round rods and brass round rods are finished by turning after hot forging.

Advanced facilities for high quality products

Gonda Metal defines the plastic working technology of nonferrous metal as our core technology. Based on this technology, the distinctive products are produced by using our distinctive equipments which other nonferrous metal manufacturers hardly equip.
Almost all of equipments needed for metal working at each step; equipments for melting and casting, hot rolling machines, hot forging machines, cold rolling machines, cold forging machines, drawing machines, continuous extruders, NC machines and etc. are equipped. In order to satisfy the customer needs, the response on small lots is also available.

Big Rolling Machine

State-of-the-art computer-controlled full-automatic big rolling machine

1000 tons Forging Press







Realize hot and cold closed die forging and free forging (over 1 ton)
Able to manufacture forgings from any materials including copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.
In addition to these, a wide variety of forging machines from 45 tons to 630 tons are readily available.

Ring Rolling Mill

Produces Seamless and twist-free rings ! Able to manufacture seamless twist-free rings from a wide variety of materials including copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

Machining Centers

Capable of machining copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and etc. Produces heat-exchanger fins, heat sinks and various flanges.

Magnesium Plant

The special plant of Magnesium built in 2007.
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