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This website ( is managed and operated by Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (“Gonda Metal”).
Prior to making use of this website, we would like you to read the following terms and conditions carefully and proceed with its use only if you agree with and will abide by them.


  1. The copyright of all information provided on this website including, without limitation, texts, logos, graphics, audio, images, and designs and layouts of this site is owned by Gonda Metal, and both of such information and the whole of website are protected by the copyright laws and international treaties of each country.
  2. For the whole or a part of the contents on this website, quotation, reprint or reproduction can be done by explicitly indicating the source by an appropriate methods as an act approved under the Copyright Act, such as private use or quotation. However, this is not the case when there are notes such as “Prohibit Unauthorized Reproduction”.
  3. You cannot change the contents on this website entirely or partly without notice.


  1. Gonda Metals makes all reasonable efforts as providing information on this website, however, Gonda Metal disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, safety, adequacy and not responsible for it.
    Gonda Metal does not assume any responsibility for any act that you make using the information on this website
  2.  Gonda Metal bears no responsibility against any damages by irresistible forces, such as the maintenance of this website, fire, power outage and other natural disaster, acts such as virus or third party disturbance.
  3. To download and install a browser software and various tools would be all under user's responsibility.
    Gonda Metal may not be responsible for any compensation for damage or problem solving for damages or trouble caused by downloading or installing.


The link to this website is freely in principle. You are not necessary to inform Gonda Metal of the link. However, please note that Gonda Metal will ask you to delete the link if the intention of exploitation is obvious or the content of the link source is against laws, public order and morals.
Do not indicate any contents on this website in the frame of your website to avoid misunderstanding.


Please note that the contents on this website may be changed or deleted without notice in advance.
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