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Company Profile

Message from the President
Since its establishment in 1918, Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing copper and copper alloy fabricated products such as Brass Round Rod, Copper Busbar, Copper Anode for plating, Copper Ring and others. And we have been also manufacturing various kinds of products like forgings and machined parts and supplying these products to the electrical industry mainly.
We have been handling Round Rod in the largest diameter which cannot be manufactured by other competitors in Japan, and reach the history of 104 years this October.
In recent years, we have been working on the development for mass production of magnesium alloy sheet as a new business. We have been entrusted the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (Supporting Industry Program) by Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry under the theme of the cost reduction of magnesium alloy sheet in 2013. And in 2013 same year, we have been also re-entrusted the Innovative Structural Materials Development (Future Pioneer Project) of the national project by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We take this opportunity and concentrate power on this development more.
On the basis of our Quality Policy; “SST: Service, Speed, Technology”, we keep our efforts to contribute in creation of a prosperous society and conservation of the globe environment, through MONODZUKURI (Manufacturing) by capturing the society needs exactly at all times.
Gonda, Gentaro
with good-quality products
"Co-prosperity with good quality products" means
to contribute to progress and advancement of the society for us to provide good-quality products and to continue prosperity together with customers, suppliers and the people in the community.

Quality Policy

For realizing company policy as “Co-prosperity with good-quality products”,  we set and are carrying out three quality policies as follows;
     Service      : We promise to make all customers satisfied
     Speed        : We perform all quickly
     Technology: We are developing a technology, a product
                         and a service for creating the future

Environmental Policy Statement

For aiming sound harmonious coexistence with society, we keep on trying for;
Environmental Preservation,
Energy Conservation
Reduction of Industrial Waste

History supported by the corporate philosophy

Since the foundation of Gonda Metal in 1918, we have kept on catching adequately needs in every age, chasing the quality than the quantity and making an effort for the research and development under the circumstances of furious society changing. Gonda Metal handles a lot of products that cannot be manufactured by the other competitors, and is contributing to the major industries of Japan like the electricity/precision instrument, the IT industry and etc.
Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
1-1-16, Miyashimo, Chuo-ku,
Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0212 Japan
TEL. +81-42-700-0220
FAX. +81-42-700-0660
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