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Forgings by magnesium alloys

Forgings by Magnesium Alloy

Gonda Metal is handling with the development for die-forgings not only the development for magnesium rolling sheet. Under the process our own development the product condition, it is possible to apply die forging by magnesium alloys although it has been considered it is difficult to work magnesium alloys.

Materials for forgings

Gonda Metal is dealing with a trial product of die forgings from various magnesium alloys. It is possible to use other resemble metals for die forging.
Die forgings from ingot
AZ31, AZ61, AZ91, AM60
Forge from ingot or slab being on the market.This method is fit for large or middle sized die forgings. The microstructure is very precise and the tensile strength can be increased.
Die forging from as-cast strip
AZ61 and others
Forge from the as-cast strip manufactured by our GTRC developed by us. This method is fit for thin or little sized die forgings. Because of the precise microstructure in the as-cast strip, works can be formed with high forging reduction and stretch-flange formability.

Advantages on forgings

In comparison with die casting products,the molded product of forgings has fine crystal grain and its tensile strength is equivalent to a rolling sheet.
In comparison with stampings, it is possible to make the molded product of forgings with highly boss form and complicated form.
Due to direct forging from materials, simplifying of process steps can be applied.

Forging samples made from various magnesium alloys

Large or middle sized forgings from ingot

Samples formed in the metal mold of copper conductive parts in a Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

Small sized forgings with big uneven surface from ingot

Samples formed in the metal mold of copper switch parts for an electrode.

Thin and small sized forgings from as-cast strip

Samples which have composite R faces formed with high forging reduction and stretch-flange.
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