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Copper Anode for Plating

Copper Anode for Plating

Copper Anode for Plating
Various anodes are offered for copper plating material. The stable quality with homogeneous crystal structure can be provided by cold forging for copper balls and rolling for plates and ovals. Our material provides stable performance with little sludge generation.


・Phosphorus-containing copper
Cu : 99.90≦
P : 0.040~0.060

・Oxygen-free copper
Cu : 99.96≦

Shape and dimensions(mm)

27φ, 42φ, 45φ, 55φ

13t×25W×50L, 13t×150W×L

Consult our expert staff for sheet and oval lengths.
Features: The crystal grains are small and uniform because copper anodes are produced by cold forging or rolling. Consequently, uniform electrodeposition can be obtained during plating. And easy control for plating solution can be also obtained because only little sludge is generated in it, the life of plating solution is extended and reducing the frequency of changing it.

Manufacturing process

Example of Use

Printed Circuit Board
Personal Computer
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