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The disaster drill was executed
We, Gonda Metal, are carrying out disaster drill in autumn every year under the cooperation of the Sagamihara Fire Department. Fire-fighting training by the self-defense fire brigade ("GK fire brigade") in the company and evacuation drill that employees gather at the plaza from each offices and plants during their extinguishing. Then the result of extinguishing and evacuation will be reported to the president.
GK fire brigade was able to start to discharge the water in just 2 minutes after gathering.
“Please keep today’s rapid action because it will be difficult for the early fire extinguishment passing 5 minutes after the fire breaking.”  We had a comment from the Fire Director.
This year, almost all of employees actually experienced water discharge exercises with water extinguishers then we also experienced cardiopulmonary resuscitation with AED, after the explanation how to deal with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED.
We are going to continue the training every year.
We thank you for each and every member of the Sagamihara Fire Department to cooperate in the drill, and see you next autumn.
Water discharge exercise
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with AED
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