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Welcoming Ceremony for fresh members
On Wednesday, April 1,  there was a welcoming ceremoy for three new graduates and one mid-career employee.
President Gonda gave them a greeting with encouragement;
  "I want you to do everything positively.
   I want you to say hello in cheerful voice just like "Good morning.", "Excuse me." and so on.
   I want you to learn various things on your job, but first of all, 
   I want you to understand the company philosophy of "Co-prosperity with good-quality products", it means that
          "All of customers, suppliers, the people in the community and us will continue to prosper together
           by providing good-quality products."
   I want you to ask us anything whatever you do not understand or you need.
          "To ask may be a moment's shame, but not to ask and to remain ignorant is an everlasting shame."
   As we will educate you well, so I would like you to advance steadily step by step without getting impatient. And 
   I want you to work actively as a member of Gonda Metal as soon as possible.
   Wishing you the best!"
Three new employees will be assigned after undergoing in-house training for 10 days.
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