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Received "Japan Copper Development Association Award"
Gonda Metal received the Japan Copper Development Association Award on May 30, 2019.
The Japan Copper Development Association Award was established in 1974 as a system to award outstanding performance to organization who have made a significant contribution to the development and spread of copper demand.
This time, the 46th award, two companies, Gonda Metal and DAIHEN Corporation won the award.
The reason for receiving the award of Gonda Metal is "Contributing to the promotion of copper demand by manufacturing and selling motor end rings."  End rings are mainly used for railway and industrial motors. Due to the motor rotates at high speed, the specifications of the component parts are very strict, and very high quality for each rings and accuracy on the delivery date are required.  We have been supplying end rings for over 30 years while satisfying these requirements.
Japan's railways are highly evaluated by abroad, overseas export projects are increasing, and our end rings are also adopted in these projects.  For industrial use, it is used for rolling mills and belt conveyor motors of steel manufacturers, and for large motors, we may supply rings with an outer diameter of φ1500mm.
The awards ceremony was held grandly by attending the officials from the Manufacturing Industries Bureau in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Japan Copper Development Association Chairman and many people concerned to the domestic copper industries.
Gentaro GONDA, president of Gonda Metal, received a certificate of merit, a supplementary prize and a bronze statue from the Japan Copper Development Association Chairman.
Gonda Metal will strive to further improve the technology and being the company to develop the industrial world.
Councilor of METI, officers of JCDA and winners (the second from the right in the front row is our president)
Chairman of JCDA and our president (the right side)
Gear processing ring for railways
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